GNC Group Fitness

“Such an excellent service, we are terrible with things like this and he made it so easy for us! Thank you so much!”

Geri Roxanne Masucci Crimaudo

Fitness Instructor, GNC Group Fitness

The Client

Starting in 2010 with Zumba fitness classes which soon became very popular and they were well known in the area as the fitness sisters.

Which then grew into them teaching many fitness disciplines. After teaching in halls, schools around hertford, ware, Hoddesdon, Cheshunt and Goffs Oak they decided it was time they had a base of there own and made HODDESDON town there fitness home opening there first studio in 2017 where currently still run classes from today.

Our mission is to get everyone to love at least one form of exercise whether it be dance fitness, cardio hit workouts, weighted workouts to more holistic workouts like yoga.


Website Design.

The Solution

With an already established social network in place, GNC Group Fitness found that more and more people were signing up for classes. A website was needed to facilitate this. GNC instructed Walking Digital to develop a website, that would allow people to sign up to classes on the go, so it had to be mobile friendly. MindBody was integrated in to the website to allow for on the go booking, along with a CMS that allows GNC to update the website with new pages and images.