The Kitchen & Makeover Company

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Mark & Lisa

Owners, The Kitchen Makeover Company

The Kitchen Makeover Company website on multiple devices

The Solution

Introducing the fabulous new website for The Kitchen Makeover Company! We’ve created a captivating online space that highlights the transformative power of kitchen makeovers.

Through engaging content and stunning visuals, we showcase the array of services offered by The Kitchen Makeover Company, illustrating how a makeover can breathe new life into any kitchen without the need for a full renovation.

Their brochure-style website serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the benefits and processes involved in choosing a makeover. From new doors to countertops, they’ve got it covered.

Visit to discover how we’re making dream kitchens a reality, one makeover at a time!


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The Kitchen Makeover Company website on a tablet device
The Kitchen Makeover Company website on an iPad

The Client

The Kitchen Makeover Company have been designing, supplying and installing beautiful kitchen makeovers for over 15 years, for design conscious customers in the West Essex area.

As the No.1 choice for creative kitchen makeovers, The Kitchen Makeover Company offer you far more than just a makeover. As designers of the very highest calibre you can expect to get the very best design ideas and creative input for your makeover.

If you’re worried about your kitchen budget getting out of control, why not have a makeover instead! They  give you suggested price points on the kind of makeover you would like. You can get a lovely new look simply by replacing your doors, drawer fronts, trims and worktops.

Discover what kind of makeover would best suit you – you’ll be surprised at the options The Kitchen Makeover Company can offer you.