Wheatley Farm Garden Centre

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Louise Bolt

Owner, Wheatley Farm Garden Centre

The Client

Wheatley Farm are a family run garden nursery, stocking more traditional plants, shrubs and trees, but also specialise in more unusual plants such as palms, bonsai and cacti.

With over 2 acres of plants Wheatley Farm are proud to say that we have one of the best selection of plants in Essex.

A wide variety of shrubs, bedding and hanging basket plants are grown throughout the season and they also specialise in making hanging baskets of all sizes and we offer a refill service for customers own baskets.


Website Design.
Online Shop.
Delivery Location Radius.
Multi Purpose Discount Tool.

The Solution

2020 has been the year when we have all craved outside space and Wheatley Farm have first hand experience of this. They new having their own website would help with expanding their customer reach and got in touch with Walking Digital. An eCommerce platfrom was deployed and to help get the website live as soon as possible, remote training sessions were organised with staff members to aid with adding product content to the website.