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Tips & Tricks for Marketing

tips and tricks for marketing

Whether you’d like to tell the world about your business but don’t know where to start, or you’re well-established and would like to ensure you’re on the right track, here are eight questions to get your marketing going or give it a refresh… 


  1. Who is your customer?

Defining who your customer is will help you to work out how to reach them, refining your marketing messaging and the channels that you use to get it over. Have look at a cross-section of your ideal customers’ marketing, if you can – where are they, what do they say, and is that seasonal? Do you seem like you’re speaking the same language?

Then have a think about the conversations that you have with customers – are there any problems or comments that come up more often than others? 

Targeting your message to your audience’s interests and needs is far better than talking at people. 

  1. What’s your point?

Testing and comparing the insights of email campaign subject lines can produce some lovely stats to get your teeth into, if you like that sort of thing. It’s been found that email open rates increase significantly if your subject line is short and to the point. Think about the emails you receive, what you open and why. Also think about what you offer. Keep it simple. They can’t follow your call to action if they’re not opening your emails…

  1. Is your messaging clear?

You know what your offering is – and chances are you know it inside out. Do you think it’s clear to your audience, who may or may not be in your industry, what they can gain from spending time and money with you? Is your messaging doing its job?

  1. Are you really getting your message out there? 

Have you considered outdoor advertising before? This could mean billboards, train platform adverts or even the side of a bus. Herbert E Krugman of General Electric had a theory that it takes three exposures to a message for it to be really taken in and potentially acted on. Could you be missing out? 

  1. Are you engaging on social media?

Love it or hate it, you’ll reach a wider audience on social media. Which ones will be more useful to your business depends largely on your target audience’s age and what you hope to get from it.

  1. Where are you on Google?

You may have heard of SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) which involves designing your website so that it appears near the top of search results. The content of your website, as well as the quality of its build, really get to work here. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth investing in, have a think on how often you’ve gone past page one of Google.   

  1. Are you consistent?

This relates to everything that you do – are you consistent in your messaging, your product/service offering and communication? Word of mouth and recommendations hold a lot of weight with people, and you’re more likely to benefit from them if what you do holds up. 

  1. Have you found different ways to engage? 

Relationships grow in different ways, and that’s what you’re creating with your customers. Competitions and freebies can be a part of this, which could help you to showcase a product or a service. Or you could create an exclusive community where loyal customers can get information about your latest offerings earlier than the rest of the world, or receive money off codes, for example. Loyalty and advocates are priceless. 

Just like with email subject lines, much of marketing can be trial and error – or involve some tweaking and learning as you go along. If you go with and trust the process, you will definitely see results. Remember that you’re building up a relationship and they take time. 

If you’d like to talk through the next step of your marketing, we’d love to help you – please get in touch.