Home Marine

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Russel Jackson

Owner, Home Marine

The Client

Homemarine have been established since 1975 and are a family run business, that deal with all manor of things relating to aquatics.

They can provide a vast amount of  aquatic knowledge to help with the smallest goldfish bowl ranging to a specialist reef system. Providing goods and services including installation, maintenance and consultancy for the full range of aquatic set ups. 

They specialise in providing bespoke services including bespoke system construction, bespoke servicing and bespoke livestock selection and have 100íS of satisfied retail customers. Of particular interest in store are reef aquariums and plant based systems due to there diversity and growing complexity.

The Solution

With an increase in sales for Aquatic hobbyists and a request from multiple customers, Homemarine decide that it was time to get an online shop set up. With an intuitive back end system, they can list products, create pages and administer all of the websites orders through one single interface.


Website Design.
Online Shop.