LG Radio Online

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Leo Green

Musician & Broadcaster , LG Radio Online

The Client

During lockdown back in March 2020, Musician & Broadcaster Leo Green initially created a couple of shows for friends and family, who had asked for something to listen to.

They had asked Leo for the kinds of shows and playlists that they wouldn’t necessarily hear on traditional radio, at a time when communication has never been more important in our lives – radio even more so.

Encouraged by his friends and family, Leo is now delighted to be curating, recording and sharing shows with you on the platform that is LGRADIO.ONLINE.

I really hope you enjoy the music on offer here and please don’t forget – I would love to hear from you, via the Message Board, or if you’d rather, the email is: info@lgradio.online.

Thanks for stopping by,

Very Best, Leo

The Solution

A full blown CMS website with Complete Content Control for the Client. Users can Sign up to a Membership Subscription to gain access to Live Streaming and Past Shows. Creating new pages, uploading past shows, uploading image, sound media and live streaming to name but a few. 


Website Design & Development.
Payment Gateway.
Membership Subscriptions.
Live Streaming.
Listen to Past Shows.