Just Classes

“Was great working with Andrew as he was very understanding and patient with me. I’m not very technical and he helped me step by step with anything I needed to do my end. The end result is fab and looks very professional. Very pleased and would highly recommend trusting this man!”
Jamie Moss

Personal Trainer, Just Classes

The Client

Just Classes are exactly that, is just classes for Cardio, Dance, Weights and Low Impact Workouts.

Jamie, Kim & Whits aim is for you to zone out and get lost in the music whilst keeping your heart happy and healthy.

They want you to fall in love with moving to music and making time for your own wellbeing.

Just Classes offer a variety of classes to suit all styles of fitness and abilities including cardio, dance, weights and low impact workouts.

The Solution

Just Classes wanted Instagram gifs for their clients to use on their stories. One of the requirements to have live gifs on Instagram is that you need to have a website for your profile. So, a  simple one page website was set up and deployed. Fully resonsive and ready to grow with a CMS in place so that new pages can be added in the future.


Website Design.
Instagram Story Gifs