Kid@Heart Collectibles

“Andy has created a great website at a reasonable price. Has definitely made my small business look more professional. If you have any website projects give Andy a call!!!”
Jitesh Mistry

Owner, Kid@Heart Collectibles

The Client

After discovering the gaming & toy community online, Jitesh wanted to get involved and share his collection with others and started Kid at Heart Collectibles in 2012.

Kid at Heart Collectibles was created out of their passion and dedication for 🕹 retro games & toys 🎮

Kid at Heart Collectibles regularly works with local toy charities, and would gratefully accept any donations of old or unwanted toys and games.

The Solution

Kid@Heart Collectibles required web presence and fast. A simple yet attractive single page website was developed and set live within a matter of weeks with functionality in place to expand and create more pages as and when Jitesh requires them. 


Website Design.