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Based in Sawbridgeworth, we are dedicated to giving our clients amazing online solutions, through creative and intuitive website design, online marketing, email marketing, social media strategies and consultancy.

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The Kitchen Makeover Company website on a tablet device

Kitchen Makeovers

Happy Cats Day Care website on multiple devices

Happy Cats Day Care

We Build & Develop

Building a product together, that is accessible across multiple platforms, positively promoting your business, whilst enhancing your customers overall experience.

• Websites
• eCommerce / Online Shops
• Website Functionality
• Bespoke Development

We Create

We will discuss creative ideas for your business. Using our knowledge and expertise, we will explore various concepts that will encourage customer engagement and interaction.

• Logo Design
• Brand Identity
• Business Stationery
• Promotional Material

We Provide

We can provide you with a domain name specific to your business along side a unique email address which represents your domain name (eg. @walkingdigital.co.uk)  Your website will be hosted on a secure cloud server which is backed up and taken care of by us, just for you and your business!

• Domain Name
• Email Address
• Website Hosting
• Maintenance & Support

We Market

Your product is incredible and the service you offer is amazing. Now is the time to get your business out there and share it with your prospective customers.

• Email Marketing
• Social Media Campaigns
• SEO (search engine optimisation)
• Paid for Advertising

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Should I add a WhatsApp link on my website?

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Tips & Tricks for Marketing

Tips & Tricks for Marketing

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How to make your website more user-friendly

How to make your website more user-friendly

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